Blue Man Group Tour 2016 – Abbotsford, BC, Canada

City: Abbotsford, BC, Canada
Distance travelled: 115 miles
Total distance: 19,765 miles
Theatre: Abbotsford Centre Arena


It was a hop across the border to Canada.  Fortunately the border crossing people did not make us get off the bus in the middle of the night to go through  customs and we made it smoothly to our destination.

This was a one nighter and so as it often the case, there was not much time for anything else other than Denny’s at 5 in the morning when we left the next day!


It was an arena show in a cool building though and we were really well received. The people in Canada are so nice!  They also have massive dryers at the venue!


One thought on “Blue Man Group Tour 2016 – Abbotsford, BC, Canada

  1. Hello Sir Daniel,

    Apologies upfront – this is kinda long. Sorry!

    I was at this show in the front row (wheee!) It was my first time seeing BMG. I had a general idea of the show through cultural osmosis, but went in without much clue about what was to unfold, aside from the PVC pipe percussion. I used to play drums when I was younger; as a result I have a deep love of percussion-based music (mostly rock), though I can no longer play anything but Air Drums these days. Long story short, it was something I dearly needed to experience & am incredibly thankful for it. (On BMG’s FB page [reviews section], my gush session is at the top.) I had no idea that Blue Men skulked lobbies after shows, so I unfortunately didn’t see any of you before I left. I did eat some Cap’n Crunch off the floor before I departed – kinda stale, but as I was quite peckish all evening, not going to complain about free food. Probably a good thing I wasn’t the Feast guest. Would have been sheer gluttony.

    Abbotsford is a basically a suburb of Vancouver’s suburbs – you didn’t miss anything from the show being a one-&-done, but I might have a backyard bias. (I’m actually from a smaller city to the East, called Chilliwack). I think, as far as Canada goes, you might find Newfoundland enjoyable, if you’ve not been already. Haven’t gotten out there myself yet, but I have friends there. The theatre & music scene is wonderfully vibrant, the scenery is gorgeous, the history unique & rich, & there’s a town named Dildo. Really. Newfoundlanders are considered to be the nicest of all Canadians as well. Then there’s the little thing about getting Screeched-In …

    I’ve been research-junkie’ing BMG ever since the show, & I love what I’ve discovered about the company & the people in it. Your blog & Brian Scott’s – though his has been dormant for long time now – were rather engaging in particular, & Tom Galassi’s videos have left me in glorious giggling fits. Yesterday, I finished reading the entirety of your blog. I hope that doesn’t sound weird. I can’t hide the weirdness of having gone through it backwards, but, that’s how I roll … ? On top of being a highly enjoyable read, your photos are freakin’ amazing. I’ve bought your two songs on iTunes & am working my way through the SOS collabs on Soundcloud. Really liking what I’ve heard! (Aside: The Daytrotter Sessions is one of the coolest studio stories I’ve ever read. Lightning in a bottle, eh?) I have yet to see all the videos on your YT page, but will in short order. It would be a treat to see you host a travel documentary akin to the ones Michael Palin has done since 1989. I have subscribed & look forward to more postings!

    Oh, & the huge dryers are a hockey thing.

    Okay I’m done now. :oP

    Take care!

    – Reena

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