Blue Man Group Tour 2016 – Huntsville, AL

City: Huntsville, AL
Distance travelled: 346 miles
Total distance: 14,845 miles
Theatre: Von Braun Center

Huntsville AL-4

After 4 cities in 4 days it was good to be in a hotel for more than one night and especially good for our crew to be able to have a lay in on our second day in town.

Huntsville was a cool little town with a big theatre complex.  I found a great bar called ‘Below the Radar’ which had great food and great live music on one of the afternoons that we were in town.  I got to see Grammy nominee and SESAC Songwriter of the Year Sam Tate with play a few numbers with Rodeo Gypsy for their CD release.  It was great.

Huntsville AL-5

The weather was lovely and we were able to walk to the theatre and past the ponds and canals in the theatre complex to our stage door.  It really was very well laid out.

We left on the bus after the show on Sunday and celebrated Steven’s 30th birthday!

Huntsville AL-6 Huntsville AL-1

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