Blue Man Group Tour 2016 – Ft. Worth, TX

City: Ft. Worth, TX
Distance travelled: 810 miles
Total distance: 11,849 miles
Theatre: Bass Performance Hall

fort worth-5

There is something about the audiences we get in Texas.  Without fail, they are always so lively and loud!  This weekend was no exception.

Fort Worth was a great few days.  The weather was lovely so we were able to walk around and take in the city and it is a really cool city.  The downtown area is has so much character.  They resisted pulling down all the old buildings and removing the classic architecture and have repurposed and maintained the original structures.  It means that you can have a sense of history as you walk the streets.

fort worth-2 fort worth-3

We made it up to the stockyards a few times to hit up the world’s largest honky tonk and do some two-stepping and I was able to go and see my very first rodeo.  It was so exciting.  My favourite part was the barrel racing. Those guys go so fast!

Rodeo Fort Worth TX-4 Rodeo Fort Worth TX-2


They still drive cattle through the streets up by the stockyards every day.  Nowadays it doesn’t really serve any real purpose other and to please the tourists but I was happy to be one of those and all the cowboys ride by with the long horn cattle.

fort worth

Rodeo Fort Worth TX Rodeo Fort Worth TX-3



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