Blue Man Group Tour 2016 – Bowling Green, KY

City: Bowling Green, KY
Distance travelled: 796 miles
Total distance: 6,780 miles
Theatre: SKyPAC

Bowling Green, KY-7Bowling Green, KY-8

Bowling Green was just a short hop from Nashville for me.  I had been there during our layoff in the previous week.  We were staying a little ways from the theatre so we had rental cars to get us there.  This meant we could do some exploring.  Steven and I took a look at the National Corvette Museum.  It was incredible to see all those beautiful cars.  A couple of years ago a sink hole opened up underneath one of the main structures housing some of the most expensive cars.  They have repaired the ground but as a lasting reminder of what happened they have not repaired any of the cars.  Some of them were too badly damaged, in fact it took some time to even find some of them when engineers started to explore the giant hole!

Bowling Green, KY-4 Bowling Green, KY

SKyPAC is a relatively new theatre and it was pretty good looking inside.  We played 2 shows, both of which were sold out, and then jumped on the bus for the long ride to Baton Rouge.

Bowling Green, KY Bowling Green, KY Bowling Green, KY-5 Bowling Green, KY-2

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