Blue Man Group Tour 2016 – Evansville, IN

City: Evansville, IN
Distance travelled: 83 miles
Total distance: 2,556 miles
Theatre: Old National Events Plaza

Evansville, IN-3

It was just a brief visit to Evansville and it rained the whole day.  The rain was particularly inconvenient as we did not have a hotel for this stop, we stayed on the bus.  Had it been a nice day we would have been able to walk around and check out the town but instead we managed to make it to a coffee shop for a few hours then come back and hang out on the bus!

The show was great, however!  Lovely theatre and a great crowd.

We had a long drive north after the show,  Minneapolis…and the cold!

Evansville, IN-2 Evansville, IN-4 Evansville, IN-5 Evansville, IN

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