Blue Man Group Tour 2016 – Paducah, KY

City: Paducah, KY
Distance travelled: 874 miles
Total distance: 2,473 miles
Theatre: Carson Center

Carson Center, Paducah. KY

We left the warmth of South Florida behind to head north to Kentucky, although luckily the winter had not fully taken hold yet.  It was a long travel day with a connecting flight and long bus ride so we were glad to get to the hotel and after a delicious dinner at Cracker Barrel I went to bed.


Some of us headed into the town a little earlier in the afternoon to take a look around the town and I was really pleasantly surprised.

There seemed to be a real support for the arts in the town.  They have their own symphony orchestra and a couple of smaller independent theatres aside from the larger touring venue we were playing.


We stumbled across the costume shop for one of these local theatres and the lovely lady who was in there sewing let us come in and take a look around.  She was really pleased to chat with us and hear about our show and filled us in on all the details for the upcoming performances she was working on.


We were happy to find a music store there and took a look around.  We got chatting to the guy who owned the adjoining record store.  He managed to sell me half a dozen original Elton John LPs, not that I needed much persuading.

Paducah-4 Paducah-5 Paducah-6 Paducah-3


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