Collins Factory – Austin, TX

I have had the good fortune over the years to be able to play a Collings guitar on occasion.  My good friend Phil Burchell has one and every now and then I would pick it when when I went round to see him.  They are truly beautiful guitars to  look at and to play.  I was aware that they are all completely hand made but I got to see that first hand when I went to take a look around the factory where they are made. Collings Factory-13 We made a short drive out of the city of Austin and found the factory nestled discretely at the back of a small industrial estate.  We were fortunateCollings Factory-8 as they only offer tours on a Friday, and it happened to be a Friday!  The tour was full but I explained that we were musicians on tour and they managed to accommodate us. Collings Factory-9The place was fascinating.  Every part of their instruments are truly hand made.  It was so interesting to see the people that work there taking such care over every step of the process from the selection of each piece of wood which will go to make the final thing, to the guy hand sanding down the contours on the body of a mandolin. The tour takes you to every step of the manufacturing process, there didn’t seem to be anywhere that we were not allowed to go.  Our tour guide was friendly and helpful and everyone we passed by on the way took time out from Collings Factory-6what they were doing to talk to us about their job and answer questions. If you are a musician in Austin on the right day with a couple of hours to kill then this is a must.   How to book a tour If you want to take a tour you will need to call and reserve a place (512) 288-7776 Collings Guitars  11210 W. Hwy 290 Austin, TX 78737 Tours take place on most fridays at 3.30pm

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