Blue Man Group Tour 2015 – Hidalgo, TX

City: Hidalgo, TX
Distance travelled: 1789 miles
Total distance: 9,793 miles
Theatre: State Farm Arena

Hidalgo TX-6
We were not in Hidalgo for long but we had a great time. We stepped of the plane and walked outside to be greeted by beautiful balmy weather.  A welcome contrast to the subzero temperatures of Waterbury.  Our hotel was only a 2 minute walk from the the airport so we all grabbed our bags and headed over.


Hidalgo TX-7
Hildalgo, TXWe performed in the State Farm Arena and were made to feel really welcome.  They had, just the week before, installed a games room full of computer consoles for the artists back stage so a few of our team were very happy!  I managed to find the zamboni and jump on that for a photo.

Hidalgo TX-5For some reason there were a ton of cops backstage before the show.  Fortunately they were not there for me and were very friendly!

The show went really well and after some great catering, we jumped on the bus and headed to Austin.


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