Pipeworks Tasting, Downers Grove, IL

I recently had the pleasure of observing and assisting my compadre, Bobby Minelli spread the Pipeworks Brewing love at a Binny’s in Downers Grove.  We were inundated with people, some of them had driven nearly 2 hours to be there.  Every last drop of the beer we took got consumed and dozens of bottles were sold.  It is a real testament to the quality of the beer and the hard work my buddies have put in to make it so successful.

Pipeworks Tasting, Downers Grove, IL-4

I wrote a blog last year about a road trip I made from Chicago to the East Coast with a case of Pipeworks beer.  I shared it with my friends along the way so I am no stranger of introducing this stuff to people.  This experience was equally as satisfying. The people who drink craft beer don’t just drink craft beer but they DRINK craft beer.  They often brew their own beer at home and wait with anticipation for the next release from their favourite brewery.

Pipeworks Tasting, Downers Grove, IL

They are also really friendly people. Everyone  there has a mutual love of beer and wants to talk about it, but inevitably you end up talking about all sorts of other things and the whole event becomes one big social gathering.  I had a blast and made the acquaintance of some lovely people.

Pipeworks Tasting, Downers Grove, IL-3

Pipeworks Tasting, Downers Grove, IL-5


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