Go West (and South) Day 3

Wed 6TH Feb 2013
Day 3 Tucumcari, NM to Flagstaff, AZ
11 hours – 740 Miles – 2 States NM+AZ

The beautiful little bunkhouse that we stayed in last night fast east out across the New Mexican plains towards the rising sun and we  wanted to make the most of it.  We woke up at 5.30 and were sitting outside with coffee by 6am to see the first rays of sunlight creep above the mesas.

The Bunkhouse

We spent some time wandering around the area near by the bunkhouse and saw how the rocks all changed colour as the sun came up.

Chicago to LA-11

Chicago to LA-8

Chicago to LA-9

Mimi and Tom, our lovely and hospitable hosts invited us up to the house for a cup of coffee before we hit the road and we spent an hour show hearing about their life on the ranch and how they came to be there and we shared a bit about how we came to be travelling across the country.  I enjoyed telling them about my adventure on the cattle station in Australia and I made sure I showed them a photograph of my leg!

We hung around outside long enough to say goodbye to the dogs then it was on our way.

Chicago to LA-13

Chicago to LA-14

We were heading for Albuquerque about 2 hours west, which meant we were timed perfectly to meet up with my old friend Cody Dove.  Cody and I worked together on the Norwegian Epic, he for Second City, me for Blue Man Group and we have stayed in touch ever since.  Seeing as both and he and Kristen have worked for the Second City it meant they had a lot in common (just about everybody they both know!) and we had a lovely lunch at great cafe call the Flying Star and then headed off to Arizona.

Chicago to LA

Chicago to LA

From there it was a straight shot.  We drove for about 5 hours or so across some of the most beautiful country I had ever seen.  Mountains in the distance, mesas all around, valleys, plains…it was incredible.  I had no idea how beautiful New Mexico would be.

Chicago to LA-15

Chicago to LA-16

We cheered as we crossed into Arizona (as we have done every time we have crossed a state line) although we were very disappointed with the sign that greeted us.  We pretty much missed it.  New Mexico’s was much better.

We made it to Flagstaff, grabbed a pizza and headed to our digs for the night.  Tomorrow will be our earliest start yet.  We plan on getting up at 4am to see the sunrise at the Grand Canyon.

One thought on “Go West (and South) Day 3

  1. Once again your off and about travelling- we need to swap lives!! Looks like your having a great time 🙂 Stay safe xxxx

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