Rossi Farm

Last weekend I had the awesome pleasure of being invited by my mate Luca to help out on his family’s farm. Rossi Farm has about 60 cattle on around 100 acres so not quite as large as I had worked on before but this time instead of vast open rocky paddocks
Bathed in brilliant sunshine I was working in rolling green hills and pouring rain. Well it only rained for a bit.


Luca got to work in the morning fixing the trailer that would carry the hay which the cows would then follow back to the yards. No chasing around crashing into barbed wire fences on quad bikes this time!

However, after couple of hundred metres the trailer broke again (not on Luca’s welds, but in a different place!) so we ended up putting the hay on the back of the ute.


Luca comes from a big Italian family so, despite the fact that I love working the cattle, the highlight of the day for me was lunch. We had cannoli, and these great little biscuits but the main event was the lasagne, homemade by Luca’s grandmother, noona. Top notch.

I had a blast and was made to feel so welcome. I can’t wait to go back!







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