Nearly There!

It is nearly time to head off to Asia to meet my buddy Ed Gregory. We will then be travelling From Bangkok through Malaysia to Singapore whereupon we will be heading over to Australia and….beyond….!

I have been sick as a dog for the last couple of weeks, as such I am a little behind with my preparations but I have managed to get 3 of the most important things ready; my bag (well, my sister’s bag), my hat and my guitar. What more do I really need?

This is the journey that we will be making:

Fortunately I have Ed up there warming Thailand up for me and I am pretty sure that he will everything sorted by the time I get there.

Well that’s it, see ya!

7 thoughts on “Nearly There!

  1. Soo excited for you Dan!!! Excited to read all of your amazing stories and new journey coming ahead!
    All love
    Az xxxx

  2. Nice blog Dan. Looking forward to reading it while you’re away. Love the animation of your planned journey, how did you do it??

  3. Will be following your travels along with many others I’m sure. Don’t forget your toothbrush.

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