Juneau & The Mendenhall Glacier – Alaska

Juneau was probably the highlight of my trip to Alaska.  We hiked to, on top of and into a glacier! It was incredible. The hike itself was a lot more challenging than the day before in Skagway.  If that was a, let’s say 6, this was a 12! Not for the faint hearted  It was […]

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Skagway – Alaska

Skagway, or Skaggers as I like to call it, was our first port day of our week long cruise.  It was great to get off the ship after being on board for so long. Myself, Ollie and our buddies Matt and Chloe hopped off and headed for the hills for a hike.  It was a […]

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Tracy Arm – Alaska

It is not every day that I get invited to go on a practically free cruise on a beautiful ship to Alaska.  When my friend Ollie asked me if I fancied going on a cruise out of Vancouver on the Disney Wonder I thought he was joking. He was not. And neither was I when […]

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