Blue Man Group Tour 2016 – Great Falls, MT

City: Great Falls, MT
Distance travelled: 781 miles
Total distance: 22,085 miles
Theatre: Mansfield Theatre


It was a long trip to Great Falls from Arcata, in fact too long to drive as was originally planned.  We had to fly instead but still it was a long day!  3 flights, 2 of which were delayed and several hours on the bus and we arrived after nearly an entire day on the move.


Unfortunately I did not time to see any of the waterfalls from which Great Falls derives its name.  The weather was pretty bad and despite the fact that we had rental cars to get to and from the theatre nobody really felt like venturing out.

We did, however, find a bar with mermaids!  The Sip ‘n’ Dip Lounge is part of the O’Haire Motor Inn, which was originally built in 1962 and something of a Great Falls institution.  The Tiki Lounge features windows behind the bar which look into the swimming pool and 5 nights a week you can see the mermaids swimming in there.

Great Falls-3 Great Falls

I happen to love tiki bars and this is probably the best one I have been too.  The drinks were good, the food was excellent and then there is Pat.

Great Falls-5 IMG_8303

Pat has played piano at the Sip ‘n’ Dip for the last 51 years!  She told me that she only got the gig originally when the guy that normally played went on vacation and didn’t come back. She now plays 3 nights a week but used to play 6 nights!  She was lovely chat to and certainly was entertaining!

Great Falls-4


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