Blue Man Group Tour 2016 – Orange, TX

City: Orange, TX
Distance travelled: 1030 miles
Total distance: 4,153 miles
Theatre: Lutcher Theater for Performing Arts

Orange, TX-2

We flew from Minneapolis down to Houston, Texas where we were picked up by the tour bus and taken the 90 miles or so to our hotel.  We didn’t stay actually in Orange but about 35 miles east in Lake Charles, Louisiana.  The reason became apparent when we drove into Orange for the show.

Despite having a large and well appointed theatre, the town itself does not have a lot to sustain a group of hungry performers and crew.  Although the area our hotel was in did not have a great deal to occupy us so we found ourselves having to negotiate some interesting terrain to get food!

Orange, TX

On the night of our second performance there was a massive storm in the area and the building was hit by lightening and pretty much every light in the building went out!  We had just walked of stage before the final piece in the show when the big bang occurred.  Unfortunately it took so long to get the power back that we could not completely finish the show however by the reaction of the audience in the house and from what they said to us in meet and greet it they loved it.  In my time out on tour the audiences in Texas have consistently been some of the best I have performed to.  I love performing here.  Glad to know that I get another few days in Austin!


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