Chicago to Portland – Day 2 – Slow Start

Mon 10th August 2015
Day 2 Chicago, IL to Sioux Falls, SD
11.5 Hours – 581 Miles – 4 States IL+WI+MN+SD

We awoke this morning full of anticipation and a confidence that Budget Car Rental would come through with a solution and save the day.  It is now 9.15am they have done nothing for us.  In fact, their ineptitude and apparent apathy towards our predicament is shameful.  They refused to help us find an alternative trailer saying that we had to deal with the problem locally.  When we asked what would happen if we had encountered a problem in the middle of the country they seemed to lose the power of speech.

Anyhow, we have found a trailer at an alternative location ourselves and have made the relevant people aware of this fact.  I guess we just wait!

12pm – At last we were on the road.  We drove north of Highland Park on the edge of chicago to pick up a new trailer and after more sweat and effort we had the car loaded.

Our route took us up to Milwaukee then we shot west and heading out, finally in the right direction.  Our goal was to make it to Sioux Falls, South Dakota tonight.  That is a solid 10 hour trip and if we are lucky we will be there by 10.30.  We are currently in somewhere in Minnesota, around 2.5 hours off.
On our way from Wisconsin to Minnesota we crossed the mighty Mississippi.  I have only seen this river a couple of times before but each time I have been amazed.  It is awe inspiring  As I look at it I imagine that the waves and ripples I see are  thousands of powerful muscles flexing just below the surface. At this point on its journey is meanders through lush green fields and trees and surrounds the the isolated pockets of green which are the islands that lie in its path.
Chicago to Portland-4Chicago to Portland-5
The tree covered green hills continued pass by our window as we drove across Minnesota but after a time they gave way to corn fields and and farms.  Unlike other parts of the midwest I have driven through, there were undulating hills and valleys carved into the landscape.  It was not all flat, open plains.  Despite slowing slightly during our ascent, the truck managed to get us to the top of each of the hills we encountered, even if it did take a little encouragement.
Chicago to Portland-8
As we head West the sun is setting in front of us.  The the farms, barns and grain silos on the horizon are silhouetted by a deep red glow that assures as that we are heading in the right direction. We have discussed how early we should set out in the morning.  In any event, we decided we would not leave before eating a hearty breakfast.  There is now 150 miles to Sioux Falls and our first night’s rest.  Despite our late start, we made good time.

Chicago to Portland-7 Chicago to Portland


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