Australian Open Golf

Today I get to spend the day at the Australian open (thanks to my aunt, Marion, getting me a ticket). I travelled to the course with my Uncle Ray who is a volunteer Marshall. He has had the pleasure of going round with Tiger woods and Greg Norman in the last few days. I have seen him every now and again as I have been following Norman for most of the day. No wonder Ray is tired. Every time I have seen him he is running in front of the players, moving the crowd out of the way.


luckily the weather is not too hot. It is a little overcast which means it is a lot cooler than it should be.


I have just had a go on the putting analyser at the Emirates stand in the village and holed both my attempts. According to the computer I am a pretty good putter! My reward was 3 hats (will send one for you dad!) and a USB hard drive, I love swag!

I saw Greg Norman tee off at the first this morning


And had a look at Tiger warming up on the putting green. This was after my triumph at the putting analysis stand but I resisted temptation to give him some tips even thought he could probably do with them!

I am now sitting on a little hill where I can see both the 17th and the 11th green, there is a lovely breeze blowing and the atmosphere is brilliant. Everyone is very supportive and friendly. I guess the Aussie’s have to enjoy themselves today seeing as their cricket team got bowled out for 47 earlier in the week!

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